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Office and home in Turin

Located in the centre of Turin, this small apartment has been renovated and turned into both a home and an office.
The space is designed to be versatile so as to adapt to the duality that characterises working and living in the same place.
Domestic and professional activities coexist in harmony thanks to the demolition of the pre-existent dividing walls and the creation of a single large room.
The floor plan is a collage of integrated operations thanks to the strategic use of mobile pieces of furniture. A system of sliding components and a series of visual connections not only enlarge the real space, but also convey a feeling of greater spatiality.
A curved wall separates the living area from the more private areas – bathroom and sleeping area – via a rotating structure: a 200 square cm cube containing a specially designed bed. A room for night-time looking onto different areas: the TV set, the study-living area, the kitchen. A revolving room that can join up with, or be separated from, its surroundings. A small snug versatile place that meets the need for more or less intimacy depending on the occasion, by means of its possible appearance or concealment behind walls of expanded metal.
All the pieces of furniture are tailor-made creations with a view to optimising this small apartment.
Translucent sheets of lilac plexiglas act as top for the specially designed L-shaped table-desk, and are set on a robust though lightweight structure made of American larch.
Three laser cut pantograph MDF panels cut to design, modelled on the outline of the image from “Encyclopaedia of Flowers” used for the bathroom windows completely shut off the kitchen, the appliances, the pantry, the cabinets and the bookcase, creating a continuous space that changes depending on the use intended. The floral decorations are the leitmotif of the house, a tribute to the installations of the two Japanese botanists and artists Makoto Azuma and Shunsuke Shiinoki, much loved by the owner.
The plan of the office/home has been designed with a view to creating flowing space between the different areas and activities and on the whole, the design of all the elements has the same spirit so as to convey lightness and fluidity to the whole environment.

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Credits by Jana Sebastova

Suppliers & Materials

Structures  and calculation for the revolving bed structure : Idea 011 (Turin)
Metal structures, expanded metal and curved wall: L.A.R. (Beinasco, Turin)
Glass and mirrors: Cristal King (Turin), Eurocolor (Turin)
Lilac plexiglass desk top: Adeglass (Turin)
Kitchen and laser cut pantograph panels with floral motifs: Boschis (Caselle, Turin)
Drop-leaf desk: P. Testagrossa (Turin)
Micro-cement floors and resin floors and walls: MadeinTo (Turin)
Fixtures and finishings: Sikkens, Farrow & Ball from Rezina  (Turin)
Plasterboard works: Soluzioni Decocreative (Rivarolo Canavese, Turin)
Construction works: Traba (Coazze, Turin)
Safety: Architect R. Iandolino (Turin)
Wiring and lamps: Fratelli Zanchetta (Turin), Artemide, Dioscuri, Flos, Aim  and  Reggiani Ione from Zanino Temaluce (Turin)
Heating/plumbing/air conditioning system: DBF impianti (San Mauro, Turin)
Fabrics: Pelassa (Turin) Fazzini Home.
Jute mat: Masera moquettes (Turin)
Sanitary fixtures,washbasin and taps: Duravit, Ceramica Cielo, M&Z, Franke  from Sprea (Turin)
Kitchen top: Okite from Sprea (Turin) with Dalgo marmi (Turin)
Chairs: Talya by Kartell from Sediarreda

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