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About TAM


TAM Turin Architects Magazine
TAM is the acronym of Turin Architects Magazine. A new communication tool aimed at enhancing the work of the Turinese architects, showing their abilities to the international community.

Why do we talk about architects?
Because they bring quality to the places we live through skills and creativity.
Because architecture is the noblest and useful form of beauty, a necessary beauty.
Because the architect, through the culture of the project, creates the necessary beauty that we all need at home, in the city and in the landscape.

What does the architect do?
According to the common vision, the term “architect” defines the person who prepares the projects for the construction or restoration of buildings and who directs or administers their execution. This is a very limited description that does not do justice to the multidisciplinary character of the architect, a real kaleidoscope of skills to be spent in civil society.
The architect designs buildings for any intended use: houses, offices, hospitals, factories, shops, shopping centers, military buildings and prisons, railway stations, airports, ports, religious buildings, museums, theaters, galleries, schools, universities, hotels, sports facilities, gymnasiums, cemeteries etc… He also intervenes on historical buildings, taking care of interventions on the building and restoring and taking care of works of art.
The architect works at the territory level, designing the landscape and planning the organization of the spaces at the territorial and urban level taking into account environmental, cultural, economic, social factors and within the individual buildings, designing the spaces (interior design) or objects of use, furniture, appliances, cars, machinery etc…
The architect is a figure of the creative industry that stands out for innovation, talent and the ability to manage processes. These characteristics make the architect able to work as a graphic and web designer, outfitter, light designer, construction manager, structural engineer and tester, safety coordinator during the design/execution of the work, responsible for the prevention and protection service, expert in environmental acoustics, consultant on fire prevention, plant engineering, ergonomic, energy certification, surveyor and cartographer, project manager, facility manager etc…
TAM is born to tell all this through images, interviews and descriptions of projects and make sure that even abroad the value and ability of the architects of Turin are understood. To do so, we have identified some macro categories that, in the coming weeks, we will fill with content.



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