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We are architects from the city and province of Turin.

We are a competent, creative community of professionals that can come up with innovative, sustainable solutions.

We are used to working within historical contexts and designing in virgin territories, in perfect harmony with the values that define the Made in Italy product.

Our multidisciplinary training enables us to offer civil society a kaleidoscope of skills.

Openness, beauty, authority, responsibility, growth, community and pride are the values we hold dear and which we represent in our work.

We are members of the Order of Architects of Turin, an institution that was set up in 1923 with the aim of ensuring the proper exercise of the profession for the protection of the community, and which brings together around 7000 architects.

Since 2002, the Foundation for Architecture/Turin has been working alongside the Order of Architects on a programme of cultural and educational activities aimed at disseminating and developing architects’ skills.