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ADI SHAKTI Centro Yoga


ADI SHAKTI Centro Yoga

The new Adi Shakti Yoga Center is located in a splendid villa from the early 1900s, on the corner of Via Villa della Regina and via Moncalvo, in one of the most elegant areas of Turin, at the foot of the hill.

The renovation of these rooms, which in the past housed a private gym, is divided into three different levels for a total of about 250 square meters. The intervention has radically changed the distribution of spaces, improving the flows within the new centre from a functional point of view. The project revolves around the construction of the new staircase, which starts from the main entrance gives access to the various levels that house the reception and the central hall on the ground floor, in the basement a relaxation area communicating with the changing rooms and on the upper floor a further room for physical activity and meditation. The materials that cover the surfaces of the rooms are simple and essential in order not to distract the visitor who, through this path, which accompanies him from the outside world to his inner space, does not suffer distractions that could disturb his hours of practice and meditation. The skilful and original use of lighting creates intimate and suffused environments, the light never strikes the view directly and thanks to the installation of decorative chandeliers it creates beautiful games that represent the only ornaments for decorating the walls.

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Credits: Lorenzo Giubergia & Sara Rosato

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