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Appartamento C+G


Appartamento C+G

Renovation and interior decoration of apartment

The brilliant couple, owner of the property inserted on the third floor of a building dating back to the 80s of the last century and located near the historic center of the municipality of Rivarolo C.se, following a “happy event” and possible future ” new arrivals ”, he decided to renovate the apartment through a decidedly invasive intervention. In fact, while the same family moved to other shores, a project was launched characterized by the total demolition of the entire apartment, including partitions, fixtures, floors and walls and also all technological systems. The design assumptions took into account the precise indications and needs expressed by the client, including the need to optimize the spaces to obtain n. 3 bedrooms, the master one, equipped with a walk-in closet, an open plan living area, two bathrooms and a laundry room. The need to complete the works in the shortest possible time, while not neglecting the quality of the same interventions and the perfect synergy and harmony created between the studio, the contracting companies and the client, materialized with the realization of the work in just 5 months , including the arrival of the new furniture designed ad personam, using both “icons” of design, such as lighting fixtures of “Artemide”, “Buzzi & Buzzi”, etc. both custom-made furnishings almost as if they were tailored suits.

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Credits: Diego Fontana

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  • Davide Fornero

    Graduated from the Politecnico di Torino – Faculty of Architecture in the winter session of the academic year 1993/1994, after a few years spent in some local technical studies, the architect Davide Fornero founded, in the year 1997, the study of Architecture "DF + A" DAVIDE Fornero architect, taking care, from the first jokes, of various design disciplines also using the collaboration of specialized Partners and great experience.

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