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Around the Courtyard. Historic Building in Torino


Around the Courtyard. Historic Building in Torino

Total renovation, through restoration and retrofit, of a historic building in Vanchiglia neighborhood in Torino

The entire residential building, built in 1885, characterizes the historical streets of Borgo Vanchiglia. It takes place on four sides that create a large central courtyard and it has been the object of restoration, renovation and energy retrofit for the construction of 31 new flats of different size. The main strengths of the project concern:
– the attention to sustainability at different levels for the wellbeing of the occupants and the reduction of energy consumption;
– the site specific approach since the early design stage mainly on the common areas (entrance, courtyard and stairs), for the choice of materials, architectural elements and lighting.
The local artisan companies have been involved frequently in the construction stage, to reach a high quality of the new design elements. Horizontal moldings have been used in the base of the building, in the entrance doors and in the separating elements between the balconies. A new full-height chandelier has been designed for the new staircase.
Great attention was paid to reducing energy consumption and maximizing the use of renewable resources, for example with the presence of solar thermal panels on the roof.
The courtyard is paved with an uniform clear stone surface (Lessina stone from northern Italy), interrupted by four areas designed as carpets with draining surfaces of wood and greenery; two maples with different leaves’ colors complete the open area. Small soft lights placed in the courtyard look like little fireflies during the night hours. The maples and a system of planters with perennial herbaceous, with different colors during the seasons, make the view from the flats changeable and connect people with natural elements.

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Credits by Barbara Corsico

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Key Partners/Associates

Michela Rota Architettura

  •  Architect: Michela Rota
  • Developer: Casa3Costruzioni


  • Michela Rota

    She graduated in Architecture at Politecnico di Torino (Italy), later earning her PhD in Cultural Heritage. Since 2010 she founded her own studio in Turin, involved in design and research activities on buildings for culture (i.e. museums, exhibition areas) and residence, integrated with sustainability. She participates in competitions within multidisciplinary groups. From 2008 to 2017 she has developed her research in the Energy Department - DENERG at Politecnico di Torino, within the TEBE group (Technology for Energy, Building and Environment), focusing on methodology for the complex analysis of museums and cultural heritage on more than 100 buildings in different Italian Regions. She collaborates in different context as designer and museum consultant. Main themes: Architecture, Restoration, Museography, Consultant.

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