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Artissima 2018, Contemporary Art Fair. Oval Lingotto Turin


Artissima 2018, Contemporary Art Fair. Oval Lingotto Turin

Artissima is the main Contemporary Art Fair in Italy. Since 1994, it joins established and young galleries with a big attention to artistic

The Exhibition is taking place in the Oval Pavilion, the ice palace built for the XX Turin Olympic Games in Turin.
Artissima 2018 hosted 6,700 sqm of booths, 1,150 sqm areas for special projects, 1,300 sqm for art publications, sponsor’s booths, a vip lounge of 1,500 sqm, besides the offices and the hall.
During the Fair, collaterals evens dedicated to the general public or professionals, like conferences, talks, and awards take place in a meeting point and in a book corner.
The topic of ARTISSIMA 2018 was “Time is on our side”, the exhibition developed along a time-line between past, present, and future of the artistic research.
The complex balance between exhibition requirements, management of flows, enhancement of special sections and general plan, was resolved in a careful design.
The space has given life to an airy final configuration, specifically designed to favor the exposure of artworks in a ever-changing situations, and at the best.

The exhibition counted over 3,400 wooden panels of height 3 and 4 meters. The use of this type of panels offers the advantage of being able to re-use the materials for various exhibitions, but, at the same time, to create new sets and installations that are suitable for the multiple needs of the galleries participating in the fair.

In some situations the lay-out has “played” with the geometry of the spaces, in others with colors.
Therewith, panels of different heights were combined in a peculiar and harmonious way.

It is interesting to dwell on the project created for the area dedicated to publishing: the idea behind the project was to create “theatrical” wings of different heights to tie the spaces, opening them up with respect to each other in a “unicum”. The architecture was characterized by a light and elegant layout, in balance between presence – absence, full – void, volume – lightness, to  simulate open books and sheets.

Light played a fundamental role between art and the innovative architectural project.
It’s evident in every corner and in every exhibition area, thanks to more than 1,700 LED spotlights.
Key feature was the use of LED lights that, in addition to allowing significant energy savings, with the choice of a precise color temperature, created a neutral light that allowed to highlight the works on display without altering the colors and giving airiness to the whole set up.
Another feature that is interesting to dwell on is that these lighting fixtures were mounted on specially made arms, with a length of 80 cm and a ‘C’ shaped element, to allow a quick and optimal installation wherever needed well integrated with the panels used.
To improve the lighting of the Oval pavilion in the fair setting, some light globes have also been installed. These bright spheres in siliconized nylon housed inside them 2000W metal halide lamps, high power and low consumption diffusers, able to propagate a very high quantity of light in very large spaces, without causing glare.

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  • E2C Corzetto Norzi

    Chiara Corzetto Conflan, graduate in 2003 at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic in Turin with a thesis about the Olympic Village of Turin. She was Deputy Site manager of the Olympic Village of Sestriere in Turin 2006 as person responsible of planning, preparation, maintenance of the Olympic structures. She has matured 10 years of collaboration for Artissima Srl, she has also collaborated with set-up companies and organizers for events, like for example Expo 2015. Chiara Norzi, graduate in 2003 at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic in Turin with a thesis on the exhibition set-up. She worked as design planner for firms of set-up companies for fairs and events in Italy and to the foreign countries. She was exhibition designer for various booths in: Artissima, Expocasa, Fiera Internazionale del Libro, Salone internazionale del Gusto, Look of the Game Olimpiadi Invernali 2006 a Torino, Smau e Motor Show Business a Bologna, SID-Congresso Nazionale di Diabetologia, Terramadre 2006 and Expo 2015.

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