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Art&Mod Maura


Art&Mod Maura

An interior design project whose main aim is to improve the look and identity of a hairstyling salon

This project, a very interesting one due to its small/medium size, was a nice chance to focus the design attention mostly on rationality. From a commercial point of view, it was decided to divide the space into three functional areas: entrance/waiting room, hair basin and haircut seats. The focal point of the salon is the cash desk, from which you can supervise the whole area. To identify the hair basin area, in the ceiling was designed a dark coloured lowered sail and then to merge this space with the front wall, an ad hoc graphic was ideated. This last, in addition to lending a strong character to the whole salon, merges the two corner walls. At the same time, this area was highlighted reflecting the above sail tint on the floor.
The rest of the room is joined both by the colour of the floor and one of the walls – intentionality very bright – and by the ceiling. The haircut chairs area is, therefore, the brightest one and its functionality is determined by the seat sequence.
An elegant, not excessive style has been chosen for the furnishings; thanks to the decor shapes and their neutral tints, a considerable balanced contrast from the white background of the walls is highlighted.

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Credits: Stefano Bernardo

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