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C_hombination is the result of the mix between different environments, perfectly alternated with each other in a continuous reference between past and present.

The same building in via Carle9 suggests a strong reference to the history of the neighbourhood and in this sense within the unit the design choice is to alternate the classic taste with the contemporary post-industrial style, visible in the micro cement bathroom and made-to-measure steel that divides a single living and kitchen space, changing the scenario according to needs. The cement tiles on the floor in the kitchen, as well as the second ensuite bathroom itself, are a strong reference to the past and strongly preserve the identity of the place, as well as the choice of interior doors with a classic design, but executed with a contemporary cut. C_hombination embraces the spatial and formal needs of the client in a space that is not abundant, linking the whole with colours and lighting designed ad hoc according to the time of day.

“A continuous reference between past and present.”

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Credits: Roberto Milazzi

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Primavera architettura is an italian architecture firm based in Turin, born with the association between architects Alessio and Elisa Primavera after their single professional experiences. Every work is defined by a common perspective, based on a balanced overview and focused on the single detail. A materical and colour experience paints the rest of the whole picture.
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