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Camogli:blue like the sky, orange like the sun


Camogli:blue like the sky, orange like the sun

Renovation project for a residential building with volumetric expansion and recovery for housing purposes of the existing attic

The house is located on the slopes of the hills that surround the historic center of Camogli like an amphitheater.
In the renovation and extension works the interior of the building has been emptied and only the perimeter walls have been maintained. The design idea has established a direct connection between the inside and the outside, where the spectacle of nature offers itself in the power of the elements: sea, sky, Mediterranean vegetation. The living area has become a single full-height space on which a loft overlooks, the inclined pitch of the roof is left exposed. Large transparent windows connect the living area to the outdoor terrace which becomes an outdoor space and extension of the interior. From every corner of the living area you can enjoy the sea and the sky of Camogli, the colors of nature are reflected inside defining corners and furniture in shades of blue, orange and red. The openings cut into the inclined pitch of the roof are eyes facing the terraced garden that surrounds the building.

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Credits by Giampiero Buffa

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Ida Bonfiglio