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Casa Frammenti


Casa Frammenti

Renovation of a flat in Turin.

Renovation of a flat in Turin. It was decided to knock down the existing wall between the kitchen and living room to create an open space. A wardrobe hanger was placed between the entrance and the living room to guarantee a sort of perceptive separation between the two environments, which is gradually softened by a tempered glass panel, which is neither a natural continuation of it. The choice of quality materials was the backbone of the entire project. Foglie d’Oro parquet, Frammenti, alternating with uniform, monochromatic resin grafts, scan the room. The lamps, the kitchen and the bookcase, both custom-designed by our studio, create a fine and elegant environment. The choice of red for the entrance wall, applied with a special Sikkens technique, gives a material contour to space.

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  • SMNO Architetti

    Nicolò Orsini Born in Turin on 10-07-1986. He attended the Polytechnic of Turin from 2006 to 2012 at the faculty of Architecture. He graduated in April 2012 with a thesis entitled "Tate Evolutionary Solver Installation". At the same time he carries on his passion for photography. In 2010 he did an internship at the Griffa studio. From 2011 he began his collaboration with Studiodoppio which continued until 2013. In 2014 he associated with Stefano Martoglio and founded SMNO. nicolo.orsini@smno.it Stefano Martoglio Born in Giaveno (TO) in February 1987. Graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin in April 2012 with a thesis on parametric architecture and evolutionary design software. From 2011 to 2013 he collaborated with Studiodoppio for architecture and interior design projects. Since 2014 he has been working as a freelancer in SMNO, making experimentation and research the foundation of his way of designing. stefano.martoglio@smno.it

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