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Casa N

Energetical upgrade of a single-family house from the 60´s with the creation of a solar greenhouses and an indoor pool on the south side.

The energetical upgrade and the enlargement of a house of the ’60s are an opportunity to create a class A building with a renewed appearance.
On the three floors of the building there are two apartments, one on the first floor and another on the second floor with a mezzanine open towards the double-height living room.
The ground floor houses common areas and provides access to the swimming pool’s front with a solarium made of iron and glass facing south, located above the underground garage.

The criteria of the bioclimatic project have guided the choice of materials and the composition of the volumes: the stairway is in the north, on the south side large windows have been made with a tilt in relation to the incidence of sunlight, the wood fiber isolates the facades east and west, while a coat in cellular cls isolates the wall to the south.
On the west-facing façade, the balconies are shielded by adjustable aluminum sunbreakers, the same ones that protect the west side of the solar greenhouses.

The roof is made of Rheinzink and does not have any extrusion, except on the south side where it stretches to protect the greenhouses and accommodate the photovoltaic panels.

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Key Partners/Associates

Carlo Baudino [Qbo Architetti Associati]

  • Primary Architect [nome studio]
  • tiwutwtup
  • opurqruq



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