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Casa V


Casa V

Contemporary flat where space flow free among rooms and with seamlessly continuous relationship between architecture and interior design

The apartment is located in the centre of Turin, in the exclusive heart of the “Crocetta” district, in a prestigious “Umbertino style” (end of XX c.) building. In the 90s, an invasive restructuring had markedly altered the layout by creating a distributive plant that resulted no more functional, so that the need to intervene to implement a radical overhaul of the spaces was born in the owner.   The new distribution system, reasoning and dialoguing with the client, was designed and realized as a contemporary space in which rooms, while maintaining a subjective individuality, did not close in themselves, but they allow a mutual dynamic interaction. A hierarchical subdivision  among rooms doesn’t exist, so the space flows from one area to the other by dynamic partitions (pivoting or sliding) which, opening or closing, create diversified levels of privacy by subdividing or bringing together the different fruition volumes of the apartment. We aimed to creating a spacious and simple space, which eliminates all extraneous and redundant elements bringing the utmost simplicity, but with a touch of scenography effects to warm the whole flat’s ambiance. The design was tailored, taken care of down to the smallest detail. The stylistic choice, agrees with the client’s requests, is focused on essential and minimal lines, refined and enriched by the strong material component. In fact, the matter is treated by maximizing both the natural potential of each materials (volcanic stone, wood from certified forests, marble granulates …) and the aesthetic effects obtained through the most innovative technologies (minimal thicknesses, velvet-effect retro lacquered glass…). An example is the oak parquet, created ad hoc for this project and worked by hand, which required more than two months of tests and studies to find the right balance between colour, materiality and aesthetics. Every piece of furniture, apart from some furniture items in living area, has been made to design and to create an integration between architectural structure and furniture to obtain a sequence of spaces transitions and seamlessly continuous relationship between interior design and architecture. Great attention was also given to the lighting system that, using the latest technologies, allows the creation of different lighting scenarios to obtain different atmospheres based on the functional or emotional needs of the client.

“Space fluidity for a contemporary living”

Elliot Forson

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All the materials have been chosen according to their specific technical and aesthetic prerogative. Each material had to match both the tactile and aesthetic requirements and the high tech production, for this reason it takes a long research before to find the right one. For example we chose, according on client: volcanic stone whit a minimum thickness for the dining table, wood from certified forests for the customized parquet, anti-bacterial marble granulates for the countertop and sink, Fenix velvet to the touch finishing  for master’s bathroom sink, a high tech technology board panel for the kitchen cabinet, Full-grain leather for upholstery furniture, marble granulates worked with lime custom realized by hand on site for walls finishing.

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  • Archittettura Tiberio

    The Architettura  Tiberio firm, born in 1979, in Turin has distinguished itself for its unique multi-disciplinary, transversal, imaginative  and comprehensive approach in meeting the needs and in resolving the problems of the clients, combining specific skills, techniques and creativity, but having always as purpose the respect of the client and his requests. This interdisciplinary, transversal, holistic, open and dynamic vision has allowed the firm to be among the forerunners of new architectural solutions (ex: the first indoor sports climbing gym in 1980) and to anticipate the new architectural needs (ex : identification and project for the resolution of public sport facilities architectural barriers in Turin, 1984, the study, research and analysis of new housing models in relation to the new social needs, 2010), but also to have collaborations, workshops with world-renowned architects (ex. R.Piano…). For these aspects and to be consistent with our mission of "conscious and open architecture" we have always opted for a professional choice that goes beyond business logic persevering on the more than thirty-year rule of establishing a personal relationship with customers. This allows us to be flexible and competitive for every type of work. Our wealth of knowledge, our technical, artistic and professional skills have developed in an international cultural context, as well as our continuous research, comparison, training and our sources of inspiration. All this, integrated with our personal design approach, has allowed us to meet the needs of heterogeneous customers (both typological and geographical, both public and private, both stylistically and economically) operating in projects and in contexts very different from each other. Arch. Massimo Tiberio, graduated from Turin Polytechnic, is a PASSIVEHAUS (nZEB) expert and FLEXIBLE ARCHITECTURE (the capacity of buildings for physical and technical change and adaptation according to changing circumstances against building’s obsolescence) expert. English and French spoken.

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