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Cascina Adelaide


Cascina Adelaide

Project for the expansion, of a vinery located in one of the most extraordinary place for wine production: Barolo

The project of Cascina Adelaide take place in a small valley, in the center of Barolo, in Piedmont, one of the most important wine land of Italy. Culture and traditions work with innovation in this precious area and the history is written every day.
The volume is located among the soft foothills, the production area of the vinery develops underground protected by a sinuous green hill.
A new building breaks the soft profile of the hill: the earth lifts and accepts the new architecture and models a different landscape.
Through the breach is possible to see the heart of the vinery, the production area is supported by red pillars. The structures, open like trees ,support the green roof and draw the space.
An interior staircase connect the ground floor to the roof, the tasting room is in this level. The hills enter in the room by a big window, the view completes the experience.
Landscape, culture, tradition and innovation define the identity of Cascina Adelaide.

After some years the project asked to evolve.
By following the project criteria outlined in the past years, the intervention strngthen the external working areas through the creation of a shelter that protects the entrance to the wine cellar and the expansion of the existing porch, where the agricultural machines are stored. The project renews itself with the Company.
Together with the interventions on the working areas, the image of the entire complex is enriched with the aim to balance and connect the different parts.
In that singular vision, the decoration of the ancient farm is animated, the horizontal chromatic stripes vibrates sinuously, recalling the image of the gentle slopes of the surrounding hills.
The new shelter at the entrance of the wine cellar is like a petal extending its cantilever body on the tiny front yard, inviting to the entrance. Here, a new wood frame declares the doorstep and announces the passage between the chaotic outside world and the wine cellar, where a silent metamorphosis happens, guarded underneath a soft layer of grass.

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Credits by Fiorenzo Calosso

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Key Partners/Associates

Paolo Dellapiana [Archicura]



  • Paolo Dellapiana

    All the works designed by Archicura seem somehow connected by an almost invisible thread, or even a common approach shared by PAOLO DELLAPIANA and collaborators, who constantly present new, different and unexpected projects and results. The core of their architectural aims, and the constant focus of their attention is the emotional factor which every building can and should  have towards its users. This is the key element that contributes to the physical and mental wellness that a construction should always provide through its shape, the materials of which it is made, its function and relationship with the surrounding environment.  This allows them to escape being labelled into categories, and turns their work into something quite atypical that cannot easily  be constrained into simple descriptions, “schools of thought” or trends. Since 1994, this philosophy has inspired many projects that have allowed the architects to experiment in all the different areas of design, thus constantly making delicate, meaningful and poetic statements that have always been clear and sharp. Archicura manages projects on all different scales of construction: from interior design to big scale factories. The fields of intervention are: residential, industrial and hospitality. They work with public and private clients. They use BIM tecnology since 1996 (.IFC format) Paolo Dellapiana and his collaborators graduated at Politecnico di Torino. All of them studied and had experiences abroad too (Spain, Brazil, France, United States and China).

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