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A public botanical garden in a suburban residential district

4 different gardens in between a new residential area in the north outskirts of the city. A contemporary designed garden with a new perspective that aims to involve the all urban grid offering new playgrounds, fitness equipment, cycle path and running track, all surrounded by a wide range of trees, bushes and bamboo in full colour and beautiful all year round. Smart and funny urban furniture, with chaise longues and armchairs, tables and stools, concrete sofa plunged in aromatic herbs.

The project’s primary goal was to link the ancient18th century farmstead, the old industrial estates and the residential buildings together.

Essential was the involvement of the local community during the planning phase starting from primary school children, by developing a creative approach and raising awareness and respect for public areas. Trees and plants were choosen together with  children, and the park was planned to obtain different shades of green, while adding a splash of colourful spots to the environment also in the winter season.

Renovation projects, new urban décor solutions, children’s playgrounds and socialization-oriented projects: new life has been breathed into parks and gardens, while suburban and urban centers have been given a new role, saving them from urban decay.

The renovation plan of a 48,000 sqm area which includes parks and gardens, cycle lanes, fitness areas, playgrounds, about 90 trees, 1000 plants and 10,000 shrubs have been planted.

Public kitchen gardens, with colourful tool shed are allocated to the locals, primarily to people on a low income, as a way to help reduce family expenditure.

Colour is used in abundance to differentiate pedestrian and cycle lanes; there are original concrete sofas, and unusually flower-shaped lighting fixtures installed on Pencil-shaped light poles.

Green areas, bike lanes, children’s playgrounds, and a new lighting system enhances the paths, projects cones of light in those areas where people can meet, and also emphasises the most minute details like some species of plants and original seats.

Selected at Green City Prize – Padova (Italy) both in 2009 and 2010.
Dedalo Minosse International Prize 2014

“Flower power!”

Project Gallery

Project Location Address

Suppliers & Materials

Husson – Fitness equipments from France.
Proludic – Playground equipments from France, for small children and teens.
Contemporary design, bright colours and strong materials, built and designed to have a public gym free for everybody and fun for every age.
Escofet – urban furniture from Spain. Contemporary designed in strong but smooth white concrete. Giving a sense of “home furniture” to public spaces.
Borio – Agrogreen – building company

Key Partners/Associates

Minari e MIghetto – ACM Landscape Office

Aires e Capitani – City of Torino – Urbanisation Department



  • Alessandra Aires

    Working in Holland and in Barcelona after graduation, then for the Municipality of Torino as a designer for public spaces and gardens, Urbanisation Department. From Urban Renewal Programs to Rehabilitation of public spaces, designing parks, gardens, playground areas, squares, some of which won the “Premio Città Verde” (Green City Award) in Padua and the Dedalo Minosse International Prize. The renovation of the Parco Colonnetti North and the public Spaces of via Artom in Torino won the Prize at the First Biennale of the Public Spaces in Roma 2011; “Colonnetti Park”, “Don Gnocchi garden”, Marmolada square, Pietro Mennea Park at Spina 1 in Torino, are among the main works, as well as different design competition in Italy and abroad. Is also Project manager for nearly 200 projects in the city, coordinating different group of architects on renovation of former industrial sites. Member of the International Federation of Landscape Architect This project - Spina 1 - was both coordinated (DelPiano Sq) and designed (Mennea Park)

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