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Circolo Ronchiverdi


Circolo Ronchiverdi

Circolo Ronchiverdi – Turin

On the right bank of the Po between the river and the hill of Turin rises the Circolo Ronchi Verdi: An oasis of sport and leisure, a circle entirely exclusive to the quality of facilities, services and sports facilities.
After the flood in November 2016 it was decided to renovate the club starting from the underground floor gyms that were completely flooded. The machines that have been bought at the forefront for the areas dedicated to sports practice and a range of well-cared and efficient services have been repurchased to solve every need for leisure and care of one’s wellbeing. The gymnasiums for the activities studied in shades of yellow greys on the America style. The two counter of the recption and the gymnasium one in lacquered wood of Gigio and the other in Corten with the new logo of the Ronchiverdi were custom designed . The club house was remade and the Risporantev and the bar bills

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For the materials of the rstorante have been placed Fornasetti wallpaper and are studied with birch trees to separate the spaces .The tones of the Greys were adopted everywhere from the club house to the bathrooms decorated in lime with wallpaper at the entrance. Also the exterior next to the pool has been designed new convivial areas. The bar of the club house has been redone and adapted to the new needs with an area for vegan food. In the club house area have changed the sofas replacing them with white leather models and tables and relaxation area more comfortable.The whole complex has been designed in harmony with the surrounding nature and with the natural context keeping within a balance.

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Alessandra Siviero [Archinatura]



  • Alessandra Siviero

    Alessandra Siviero born in Turin, graduated from the Politecnico di Torino in 1997, is enrolled from 2001 to the Order of architects PPC of the province of Torino. After having carried out various experiences with different architects and while continuing to help the father in his activity, he starts in his own work of experimentation project with particular attention to sustainability. In 2003 he obtained the qualification and specialization in Bioarchitecture-biocompatibility, Inbar Eco-sustainability. In 2009 the certification to Energy certifier, with subsequent inscription to the relevant register of Regione Piemonte. In 2001 he founded his own professional studio that deals mainly with interior architecture: The primary objective is the final satisfaction of the purchaser who is considered the fundamental value from which the design has to start since its first phase. If the reading of the customer's needs is the prerequisite and the culture of the project .

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