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Climb up the wardrobe


Climb up the wardrobe

From the need to reach an attic through a small room is born a dual function furniture: staircase to reach the attic and wardrobe.

A furniture built like a wardrobe but usable as a ladder thanks to a removable ramp within the drawers. The idea comes from the need to reach an attic through a small bedroom. The stair could find a place…but where to put the wardrobe?
Considering the very small size of the room, the solution was making the most of the space, carring out the design of a staircase with dual function: reaching the sleeping area in the attic and working as a wardrobe (hanger and drawer unit).To further optimize spaces and reduce the overall volume, the first flight was realized retractable, creating a versatile space according to needs.
The material is pine wood, already used inside the room for beds and other furnishing; the frame was painted with water-based impregnating agent creating a coating which is not totally opaque to enhance the grains of the raw material. The treads are removable and not structural in order to assure an easy and cheap maintenance. The stair handrail and the attic’s railing will be realized by metal threadlike elements, so as not to hide the “stair-wardrobe” and, at the same time, creating a contrast between materials.

“We design Sustainable because we think Sustainable”

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Pictures and drawings taken by Ahora Architettura

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Key Partners/Associates

Ahora Architettura

  • Mr. Stefano Bruno
  • Mrs. Francesca Maffiodo
  • Ms. Valeria Bergamo



  • Ahora Architettura

    We are a coworking of architects specialized in energy efficiency and sustainability. We produce low energy consumption buildings and ClimaHouse certified redevelopments. Our focus deals with the ability to give an identity, a soul to the project. We look for a contemporary architecture that compares itself with the territory enhancing the peculiarities. We study the constructive typologies of each place, we examine characteristics, volumes, materials, colours and technologies: we are guided towards the creation of a new project that can reinterpret in a modern way any ancestor element of that place. We look for a simple open compositional language, we sift preliminary ideas to be able to focus the project on a dominant concept that becomes the lead for the whole creative process.

  • Stefano Bruno
  • Valeria Bergamo
  • Francesca Maffiodo

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