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Clubhouse in Ryadh


Clubhouse in Ryadh

The Clubhouse desing forms part of a residential complex to host everyday rituals and cerimonies of a leading Saudi Family.

This Clubhouse design forms part of a residential complex composed of various buildings intended to host the everyday rituals and ceremonies of a leading Saudi family.
The Clubhouse is the place where young people can get  together with their friends.
It houses a large indoor swimming pool, a banqueting room, the Majilis, where young people can hang out with their friends, areas for playing cards, guest bedrooms and a cinema room.
This building – in contrast to all of the other buildings in the complex, which are sober and formal – is designed to offer a sense of freedom to those who will use it.
It is an open, continuous space, formed by a strip that envelops it, covering it and tying together
the solid volumes – a cone, some cubes, a cylinder – that appear to have come from a moving air turbine. The interior space takes up the theme of the dream garden, where one walks on a lawn strewn with large flowers that have fallen to the ground, amid rows of giant tulips lining the walls, with clouds running over the ceilings to indicate the routes, or covering the swimming pool space, blown by the air.
The sense of movement also involves the structural columns that, separating themselves from the ground with circles of light, become lightweight and start to dance.
This is light, airborne architecture, detached from the ground, moulded by the wind, permeated
by the light that is reflected and dances on the surface of the water, in continuity with the surrounding garden, inviting you to give free rein to their imaginations and creativity.

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Credits by Studio 65

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