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Concessionario Ferrari Rossocorsa Torino


Concessionario Ferrari Rossocorsa Torino

The Ferrari dealer in Turin was inaugurated in May 2017 according to the latest corporate identity updates.

The Ferrari dealership of Turin inaugurated in 2017, headquarters of Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d ‘Aosta, was built in the former area of the Roz Foundries in Corso Lione.
The building develops for about 1600 square meters on two levels. The project has maintained some characteristic components of the pre-existing industrial site such as the brick façade with a Gothic style texture, the access entrances, the internal courtyard and the perimeter limit of the building curtain.
The building is presented to the city with two avant-corps made light by large windows in extra-clear crystals in which new cars are displayed in one, in the other, used cars. The call of the external view extends into the internal courtyard where loopholes have been obtained adjacent to the driveway and pedestrian entrances through which we have tried to give continuity to the view of the cars on display.
On the ground floor there are the premises for primary and secondary exposure, reception, administrative offices, delivery room, lounge, car configurator office, while the basement is placed the cars garage.
In the node of the stairwell connecting to the garage in the basement there is an exhibition corner where a Formula 1 as absolute protagonist emerges. The structure, in the shape of an upside-down pyramid, stands with the glazed roof whose diamond cut points towards Maranello.
The interiors have been set like the pieces of a puzzle to satisfy the emotional crescendo that ends with the ceremony of delivery of the ordered car. The Atelier is the heart of the FERRARI craft experience. Three niches show the samples of the different metallic paints, leathers, circles, steering wheels and calipers with which it is possible to personalize the car. The customization of the car starts here, on an oak veneered table, next to a 65 ”plasma screen embedded in red lacquered glass.
The objective achieved by the project was to create a neutral and aseptic appearance through the white color characterizing all surface finishes with the aim of enhancing the Ferrari cars on display and the graphics that follow a specific criterion according to the thematic area in which they are placed.

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Lo studio di architettura PAOLO ROMEO ARCHITETTO (TORINO 03 Maggio 1969) nasce nel 2000 in virtu’ della collaborazione esercitata sin dal 1989 con l’attivita’ della famiglia nell’ambito delle costruzioni civili ed industriali. Nel 1996 si laurea alla Facolta’ di Architettura del Politecnico di Torino e segue il coordinamento fra l’ ufficio tecnico ed i cantieri delle Imprese Edili F.LLI ROMEO, SOGEMA, NUOVAUPIR. Nel 1998 si iscrive all’Ordine degli Architetti della Provincia di Torino Matricola 4621. Dal 2002 al 2010 e’ Direttore Tecnico dell’IMPRESA F.LLI ROMEO. Dal 2002 al 2006 e’ Direttore Tecnico dell’IMPRESA SOGEMA. Dal 2002 e’ abilitato all’esercizio di Coordinatore per la Sicurezza (D.lgs.81/2008). Dal 2010 esercita esclusivamente l’attivita’ di progettazione architettonica e Coordinamento per la Sicurezza. Dal 2012 lo Studio ha sede in Corso Stati Uniti,27 a Torino, nello stabile d’epoca all’interno della corte del Palazzo Ceriana Meyneri. L’esperienza vissuta nel cantiere ha condizionato indelebilmente il concepimento della progettazione che concilia la praticita’ e l’essenzialita’ delle soluzioni con l’innovazione delle scelte architettoniche.
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