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Design 4 Interior & Green

One of our skills is the research applied to new materials and sustainability, also in relation to design solutions for private spaces.

“studiodna progetti” search for design solutions through innovation process, to create and implement new concepts of living space and/or product using a sustainable approach based on ethical design and human well-being (SDGs).
This projects, iconic examples, try to make sense to this research process through some concepts/ideas of design.

They represent a path of research on green materials, design and expressive qualities related to home furnishings. the forniture are ergonomics and made with sustainable materials and with a strong attention to detail (seams, textiles, inserts and shapes).

They are made with the following materials, combined with each other to allow the creation of objects suitable for mass production and not only craftsmanship: glass, steel, leather, carbon fibre, kevlar, metal, curved wood….

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Credits by Alberto Nada

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Alberto Nada

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