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Domus Leydi


Domus Leydi

Renovation and interior decoration of historic building

The DF + A study of the architect Davide Fornero was involved in a delicate renovation of a property of historical importance located in the historic center of the Municipality of IVREA, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The building was in a very serious state of aesthetic and structural conservation also due to a situation of decennial abandonment. The new property, acquired the property, involved the study in a real estate operation aimed at the philological recovery of the same building, also allowing itself to be digressions with a purely contemporary character. The intervention as a whole consists in the creation of five new apartments fully furnished and equipped with every comfort distributed on the first and second floors as well as a commercial room located on the ground floor and shared spaces aimed at socializing future users, such as relaxation rooms, various accessories, etc. The apartments will be intended for demanding customers who are particularly attentive to details and who can stay there for short or medium periods. The project focused mainly on the aim of preserving both the pre-existing building typology, bringing to light historical and highly valuable construction details (such as centenary wooden beams or exposed brick walls and vaults), and also to characterize the same building with punctual contemporary interventions taking care of every detail in an almost “tailored” way. The reference to the colors representing the city of Ivrea such as orange are manifested throughout the building, especially with the various furnishings and lighting fixtures of the LED type which for this intervention are predominant those of the well-known Milanese house “ARTEMIDE”. The design was, from the very beginning, circular, i.e. 360 °, as the studio dealt with every delicate design step characterized by interventions of recovery and structural consolidation, distribution and functional analysis, plant engineering with the enhancement of interventions related to energy saving and home automation, from interior furnishings to the choice of furnishing accessories such as tableware, various accessories, etc. but also to the definition of the logo and merchandising of the building itself.

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Credits: Andrea Franchetto

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  • Davide Fornero

    Graduated from the Politecnico di Torino – Faculty of Architecture in the winter session of the academic year 1993/1994, after a few years spent in some local technical studies, the architect Davide Fornero founded, in the year 1997, the study of Architecture "DF + A" DAVIDE Fornero architect, taking care, from the first jokes, of various design disciplines also using the collaboration of specialized Partners and great experience.

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