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Eco2house_2 rebuild to redevelop

The Eco2house_2 is a residential building for residential use whose characteristic was the one that was created following the demolition of an existing building in poor state maintenance, the Client asked for a high energy efficient building and the first renovation project did not allow get the Casaclima Gold certification, therefore it was shown that it was more convenient to demolish and rebuild rather than renovate, so it was done and achieved the Gold certification. The main feature of the building is its environmental sustainability, high energy efficiency and thanks to the initial coordinated project, the speed of construction and the control of construction costs. Living comfort is the other fundamental characteristic as thanks to the careful study and design of the necessary systems, the envelope and the coat, the ambient temperatures and the internal surfaces of the rooms that provide those who use the house never feel too much hot or cold also thanks to humidity control. This project demonstrates my judgment that rebuilding is cheaper than renovating both economically and from an environmental and energy efficiency point of view.

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Giovanni Izzo



  • Gianni Izzo Architettura

    Casaclima Consultant Architect, specialized in the design and construction management of energy-efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings, with attention to the environmental and aesthetic impact of the buildings.

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