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Ervè Jacques Headquarters


Ervè Jacques Headquarters

When the Brand is everything

A unique refurbishing of an old home in Como: from a crumbling noble house to a brand new headquarter.
How a unique corporate image could become a very real office, Palazzo Rodari in Como is an old noble building near the center.
Here all is designed customizing furniture, walls and even the floor. All here is Ervè Jacques: an Italian Shirt&ties Company that had more than 20 shops in Italy.
First we refurbished the apartment, than we made the unique painted floor, with a different subject in every room: indestructible, artistic, shocking.
Furniture and painting are customized and logo everywhere.

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Credits by Stefano Oglietti

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  • Stefano Oglietti Architetto

    I started, as anyone did, cooperating with some architects, taking part to the design process of shops, interiors, head offices. After more than twenty years of ideas, projects, site managing, in which we moved from the rule to the workstation, from Pantone to render, from telephone box to smartphone, my passion is like the beginning, and I still love the pencil.

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