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Geometric Extentions of Consciousness – Design Flow

GEoC is a research of what comes from a totally free approach to design. Free from the need to do something for real customers thus free to be or not “useful “in a common sense. Every object is always useful to me and its usefulness comes from the meaning each of us gives to a particular object in the unique relation with space around. We constantly do this as humans, we always load things with meanings, we just can’t do any different. Our brain shapes our thoughts in a geometrcal manner that covers all the dimensions of perception. Thought there are few big feature that custom them like weight, distance, colour, speedness, temperature (specifically linked with colour), movement, gradient of softness. Perception of space, volumes, voids, even living beings and their interactions relate each other in a geometrical language. Geometry is the basic element of communication. We perceive our feelings as shapes we cannot easily define, and we don’t need or want to define them as things that can be seen in some way. But as we never stop thinking we never stop putting together geometrical issues that in the end are the summa of everything we have experienced in our awake and unawake life.

All the objects are self realized in a maker lab space in Turin and they are made with wooden materials then the grafic is handmade added directly on the pre-finished object. Among the materials: fir wood, mdf boards, water enamel, markers, furniture hardware

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Monica Taverniti