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Girih* design tradition


Girih* design tradition

The term defines the lines of Islamic decoration that have become an integral part of the architectures and Sicilian craftsmanship

GIRIH is a project conceived by Lageard Architettura to expand our business abroad and to attract new investment in Italy. For this reason project Girih is collaborating with NOTEMPO cuore artigano, Italian brand created by Arch.Sebastiano Leotta, Arch. Marco Bracchitta e Arch. Gandolfo Marabeti (artisan at heart), a young company that unites design, technology and traditional master craftsmanship. NOTEMPO rediscovers Italian traditions and the skill of artisans and their crafts, reinterpretating imagery that is burned into culture and history and widespread throughout Sicily. This experience has forged the conviction and importance of growing this network of artisanal excellence, to safeguard so much that defines us. Going hand in hand with the conception and creation of our furniture is a highly diligent process of quality control and project management to monitor scope, time and cost.
The team believe that a successful relationship with the client determines the positive outcome of any project. Listening and responding to the brief, developing a functional and creative design concept with passionate attention to detail and creating and managing the team that can deliver the project on time and on budget. These are the cornerstones of our modus operandi.

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Credits by Mario Forcherio, Renato Morra

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