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Green found its score


Green found its score

Through the study of shapes, a municipal park will be retrained creating a place able to stimulate social gathering.

The project for the new multifunctional park is seen as the municipal area’s redevelopment through direct and simple shapes which reflects on buildings, paths, thematic areas, structures and furnishings.
The design choices are meant to redevelop the whole area giving a new identity to the place. The different facilities inside the park will ensure a constant use and will stimulate social gathering: citizens of all ages will enjoy and benefit from a new green area in service of the city.
The redevelopment project intends to satisfy as much as possible sustainability and innovation standards: each project selection is aimed to raise awareness on the subject of sustainability and on the using of renewable energy sources.

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Render by Ahora Architettura

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  • Ahora Architettura

    We are a coworking of architects specialized in energy efficiency and sustainability. We produce low energy consumption buildings and ClimaHouse certified redevelopments. Our focus deals with the ability to give an identity, a soul to the project. We look for a contemporary architecture that compares itself with the territory enhancing the peculiarities. We study the constructive typologies of each place, we examine characteristics, volumes, materials, colours and technologies: we are guided towards the creation of a new project that can reinterpret in a modern way any ancestor element of that place. We look for a simple open compositional language, we sift preliminary ideas to be able to focus the project on a dominant concept that becomes the lead for the whole creative process.

  • Valeria Bergamo
  • Stefano Bruno
  • Francesca Maffiodo
  • Roberta Chiabaudo
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