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Historical building renovation in the city center – site safety coordination


Historical building renovation in the city center – site safety coordination

The project involves a deep renovation of a historical building from the 30s, to create luxury apartments with winter gardens

The building object of intervention is a historical building, risen after one of the most complex and ambitious urban redevelopment projects that have ever been realized in Turin designed in 1935 by the architect Marcello Piacentini. During the first redevelopment phase, new blocks with a reticular system were constructed, with austere rationalist style buildings, such as the imposing Hotel Principi di Piemonte and the two side buildings. Piacentini respected the idea of a uniform architecture and the introduction of the arcades, but his buildings were declaredly rationalist.
While maintaining the historic elegance, the project provides for the change of intended use from offices to luxury residences of the last four floors and the recovery of the entire attic. The facades will be cleaned and restored. Prestigious apartments of different sizes will be created, complete with large terraces and balconies. From the top floor, over the roofs of the center, the elegant solution with panoramic terraces and a unique view of the hill and the roofs of Turin, allows you to enjoy the surrounding space in an open and reserved way. The roof will be enhanced with the construction of dormers for the luminous dependance of the prestigious urban villas in the heart of Turin.
The project involves the inner distribution system remodeling to develop new apartments, including the rebuilding of all the plants. The building site is in a central and crowded area of the city, so Gruppo Torinoprogetti has had to pay close attention to the site safety coordination, both for workers and for citizens. The positioning of the construction crane on public roads has been a delicate and spectacular operation.

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