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Hotel Manin Milan

The Hotel Manin, in Milan, is a hundred years old hotel; the Construction phase has been spread in 7 years, working only 28 days a year

The Hotel Manin is an hundred years old hotel, located in the heart of Milan, in front of the public gardens close to the Armani Hotel. Due to the clients  necessity to keep running the Hotel; the Construction phase has been spreaded in 7 years, working only 28 days a year ( during the month of August) which involves several floors each time. Several materials lead the costumers through the spaces: stone, leather, glass, carpet and wallpaper are used to create a stylish and intimate ambient, throughout light and colour games.
On phase 1 we focused on the external facade and the ground floor area: reception, café and lounge area, conference hall and restaurant.
The natural presence of the park in front of the hotel has been recalled into the building throught the indoor curved wall and the green volume of the restaurant.
A long corridor leads the hosts to the meeting rooms and to the restaurant that faces directly on the garden.

The restaurant and the meeting rooms have been the object of phase 2. The need to modulate the area according to the different meetings has led to rationalize the space.
A fully equipped wall hides some sliding partitions, making the rooms extremely flexible.
A long corridor, surrounded by greenery, takes the guests to the conference rooms and to the restaurant overlooking the garden. The innovative plant wall characterizes the restaurant and creates a continuity between the interior and the garden, making the space inside the rooms harmonious and natural.
Working closely with the client’s requirements we redesigned the facade and main entrance with a more contemporary style to link the outdoor with the indoor.
We completely restudied the lighting of the facade in order to provide a stronger and distinctive feeling.
The balconies became 16 bright cubes that allow the hotel to be easily recognizable.
As in 3rd phase, the design and manufacture of customized furniture combined with the lighting design, created a rational, unique, refined and elegant spaces, by prioritizing comfort and functionality.
The 4-5-6-7 phases of the renovation involved the remaining floors with the relative guest rooms and guest corridors.

Project Gallery
Credits by Vito Corvasce


Key Partners/Associates

Giaquinto Architetti Associati

  • Alberto La Porta: The architect was born in 1981 in Turin. Since 2011 he has collaborated with the G * AA studio.
  • Chiara Abrami: Chiara Abrami was born on 1976 in Turin.
    Graduated in 2003 at Politecnico with a thesis on the techniques of management of artificial lighting in museums. OAT member, since 2006,  she has been continuously collaborating with the G * AA study.


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