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Hotel Taormina

The project aims to create an atmosphere inspired by seaside flavour.

The design of the entrance hall aims to accommodate the customer within a comfortable environment of great aesthetic impact. The spatial monotony of the corridors is interrupted by the insertion of fake portals that enclose the entrances of the rooms, more intimate and exclusive. The double colors recreated through a double material break down the continuous path: textile resin and light natural stone combined with the elegance of a wallpaper. The interiors of the standard room have the prerogative of winking to the Sicilian tradition without falling into the imitation and banal re-proposition of common elements, through an ironic reinterpretation and an elegant and sophisticated touch playing between tradition and contemporary taste.
The inspirations come from everyday Sicily and the past. Compared to the standard room, in addition to the layout, the size and the choreographic hot tub on the void, the wood floor gives more elegance and refinement to the atmosphere and, in the bathroom, the stone and copper replace the gres.

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Fabio Fantolino


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