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Designed Architectural Light – Light and architecture in a historic villa in Orbassano

A historic villa in Orbassano, a redevelopment project that tends to almost completely renew the surfaces. Environments that expand and new spaces for living. A client who is also an interior designer and a second interior designer mediator between the parties.
In this project, Light and architecture walk together, unite and mold.
Invisible fixtures create cuts of light highlighting the wall decorations.
Appliances with a minimal design emphasize the wood paneling and create the surrounding light.
Light is understood as an integrated and non-cosmetic added system; the goal of the project is to balance the weights, ensuring the right importance of the furnishings and decorative surfaces.

Project Gallery

Federico Moschietto

Project Location Address

Key Partners/Associates
  • Valeria Bergamo
  • Stefano Bruno
  • Francesca Maffiodo
  • Roberta Chiabaudo


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