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House in the woods

Isolated house for a young couple built in a wooded area

The project presented is a house for a couple located in a wooded area in the province of Turin, with a landscape constraint. The main design choice, agreed with the client, was to create a work with the least possible impact on the existing vegetation that was camouflaged over time in the environment.
It has therefore opted for a simple and compact volume of 500 cubic meters, on two floors (ground and attic) and without projections of the roof, entirely covered with strips of local wood, with the southern façade completely glazed, not only to seize the positive effects of sun exposure but also to make the house live in the forest environment.

The project was developed with BIM technology.

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  • Paolo Chiappero

    Paolo Chiappero is an architect who combines the creative and technical skills of a solid foundation in environmental, economic-financial, business management and communication matters to best interpret the changes that have affected the construction sector and architecture in general. These are skills developed through an adequate training course and, above all, through extensive experience in the field over twenty years. "I firmly believe that today the designer is no longer just an architect or a designer, but rather an interdisciplinary operator, able to link together various themes: the director of increasingly technical-economic processes where ideas still make the difference " Expert in sustainable architecture, BIM and project financing.

  • Nicola Chiappero
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