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House V


House V

Renovation of a villa in the countryside

The concept behind the restorations of this villa from the 1970s is the need to use local and rough materials in a contemporary way. The fragmented spaces of the former living area have been put back together using shadows and lighting as tools carving the volumes. The floor is the mirror of the ceiling and together they define uses and flows amid the spaces. Yet the darkness of the connective areas, paved using the local stone, is utterly contrasting the lightness and warmness of the ones where the family’s main activities take place daily, underlined by the wide use of timber. Darkness vs lightness, gloom vs brightness, stone vs wood: they occur together and have the same figure.

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Credits: Virginia Chiodi Latini

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  • Francesca Diano

    Francesca is an Italian chartered Architect based in Milan. She graduated from Politecnico of Turin in 2009 with professor Pierre-Alain Croset, complementing her curricula at Beijing Tsinghua University. She started her career working for leading Italian architecture practices such as UdA and +Studio, on European and Middle Eastern high-end residential projects. In 2014 she moved to London and joined Sybarite Architects, firm working with well-known fashion brands, and then James Wells Architects, to further expand her breadth of design capabilities. Since 2016, she runs her own practice in Italy (FDarchitect) with freelance project/site manager collaborations on prime real estate refurbishments and hospitality. Firmly believing in the importance of education, Francesca has always been Teaching assistant at Politecnico of Turin and Politecnico of Milan (Architectural and Urban Design). Alongside the interest in architecture and urban transformation, her passion for design and the history of spaces of living grew constantly; thus, in her works the numerous characters of designing, spanning from architecture to furniture, find a new synergy and balance.

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