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Idrocentro S.p.a.

Idrocentro SPA, founded by Antonio Cussino’s family on 1976, works successfully in the fields of hydraulic, thermal and sanitary supplies, bathroom furniture, air conditioning, heating, materials for structures, hospital and disabled people.

The customer service is guaranteed by a widespread presence in the area with warehouses throughout Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta, Liguria, Lombardy, Tuscany, Sardinia and Nice in France.

Idrocentro has many branches that specialize in different sector.

Alternative Advanced Energy ,born in March 2001, it is composed of a staff of alternative energy specialists. The company operates a continuous research for the best products and the best technologies that allows to provide optimal solutions in terms of rational use of the energy. Energy saving is our aim: solar thermal and photovoltaic, innovative condensing boilers integrated with thermo accumulator, biomass, wood pellet boilers, wood chips, modules of cogeneration, innovative storage systems for high efficiency distribution of thermal and cooling energy, solar cooling are some of the solutions we can propose.

Algecollection founded by Antonio Cussino and Alessandro Adamini is the showcase of Idrocentro, dedicated to the bathroom furniture sector, wellness, floors, tiles and kitchens. In our showrooms we can offer the best brands in design and quality of the market with specialized and personalized advice from our qualified personnel.

ESI irrigation and swimming pools was founded in 1985 and it is specialized in supplies for residential and public irrigation, agricultural fertigation, public and private pools. In the agricultural field it treats every type of plant for orchards, vegetables and fields sown;specialized technicians take care of the systems from the water attack to the pumping area, passing through filtration and/or fertigation.

Unimetal has been operating for years in the metal sector and in production of civil, industrial and agricultural roofs and coverings. Continuous research and studies have enabled the development of practical and safe systems to guarantee a perfect coverage able to face multiple needs. The technical consultancy service is of support to the customer in all phases, from the design to the installation. The most varied articles of tinsmithery and equipment are supplied according to the specific requests. Periodically Unimetal organizes courses for installers and operators of the sector. The inclination towards research and innovation has always been the distinctive feature of the company since the begins. Specializing in the plumbing sector the company has identified new products with increasingly higher features, in order to meet the needs of both designer and installer; complete product lines for roofing and rainwater drainage system with aesthetic appeal. Unimetal produces sandwitch panels for wall and roof in polyurethane, glass wool, eps.

Evac is the branch specialized in air treatment. It develops plants for ventilation as a system, therefore offers you a complete range of all components necessary to achieve an efficient and high standard air transport system.

Sourges des Eaux offers its consultancy in the design and technical training for installation, maintenance and after-sales service for civil and industrial water treatment, waste water purification and rainwater recovery.

Baggi Lux, with its fifty years of experience, began its activity in the production of skylights.

In 2005 he joined Idrocentro, making his presence on the national and international territory. The main production consists of smoke and heat evacuators according to EN 12101-2, production of polycarbonate and fiberglass domes, electric-manual opening devices for man and the support bases for the domes adaptable to any type of cover excluding the staples. Unique in Italy to produce large monolithic fiberglass domes. Unique in Italy and in Europe to produce Powerpipe-Lux, sunlight transporter that with the help of a “GPS” Solar tracker concentrates the sunlight and spreads it several meters below, with a large one certified energy saving.

Abitare deals with the sale of materials for construction. In our warehouses there are heavy construction materials, cements, mortars, premixes, plasterboard and false ceilings, bricks, products for bio-building, fiberglass insulation, wools, EPS, coat systems, fire doors and doors. To complete the range, thanks to the tintometric systems present in many branches, it is possible an immediate coloring service for both indoor and outdoor paintings. Furthermore, the iron bending and processing plant for concrete iron it is certified to bend, welded and preassembled steel.

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