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“Il Borgo” Country Hotel and Farm in Tuscany


“Il Borgo” Country Hotel and Farm in Tuscany

The country hotel “il Borgo” is an elegant ecolodge immersed in the Maremma landscape in harmony with nature.

The country hotel “il Borgo” is an elegant ecolodge in Tuscany, immersed in the Maremma landscape in harmony with nature.
No pollution, no noise, no stress. The hotel is reachable via 1 Km on a road in the forest on electric cars, in the heart of an uncontaminated natural environment.
Only nature and peace and fragrance of olive trees, ash trees and vineyards,, in respect of the spirit of the place and its historical and cultural values.

The eco-sustainable approach inspired the project, identifcation of the site, buildings layout, choice of materials and technologies, activities to be carried out.
Traditional bio-sustainable materials (stone, brick, clay, wood, cork, hemp) and eco-sustainable systems were used, to  reduce pollution of water and air. Energy management (saving and use of alternative sources), recovery of water and correct use of soil are provided.

The accommodation is a “resort” for rest and relaxation giving the opportunity of an immersing experience, where the environment in its many forms is at the center of every activity.

The country hotel is also a place where you can meet people and attend to training courses. It offers equipped rooms to carry out laboratory activities of various kinds (environmental, cultural, manual, gastronomic, etc.) throughout the year

Wellness spaces area available for care of the mind and body, meditation, yoga, alternative therapies, in order to allow its international guests a relaxing holiday, to heal past wounds and face present and future with serenity and security.

The resort is located near an ancient existing nucleus and in close correlation with it in order to reinforce the settlement structure.

The  buildings are  either 1 or 2 floors above the groun,d with a small 3 floors tower, allowing to get the sunshine light inside all the living areas, and from all the rooms the hosts can enjoy the panorama on the “Conca del Cotone” hills and surrounding woods. The different floors of the buildings are connected by external stairs along the façades or along the sides.

The 20 rooms and 10 suites are all independent and differ from one another, distributed in different buildings around squares, streets, covered passages, arcades, to constitute a  rural village of building made in brick masonry with external “rasapietra” stone facing, with wooden windows, insulation in hemp and cork and internal walls in clay.

The relais offers its guests a living room with a bar and a cozy restaurant with fireplace that opens onto large terraces with a magnificent panoramic view; a large kitchen with a wood-burning oven for baking bread; rooms for various activities offering  enchanting view of squares, surrounding nature and Montepò Castle; a panoramic swimming pool, solarium and wellness area; laundry and ironing service.

The spa area is located on the basement floor, including sauna, turkish bath, whirlpool, relaxation areas and a fireplace corner. The outdoor swimming pool with solarium overlooks a large sunny panoramic terrace.

An ecological phytodepuration plant provides water for irrigation of the green limiting use of water resources and protecting the soil.

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Credits by Alberto Opalio

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  • Paola Galfione Barozzo

    Architect and Designer operating since 1990, master’s degree “cum laude” - thesis on “Designing for Textiles” dealing with textiles conservation in museums and exhibitions with a new design approach. Teacher of Museography, Interior Design and Architecture, Industrial Design at Polytechnic of Turin.  Professor of History of Industrial Design at IED (European Design Institute). Consultant in conservative restoration of Historical Shops and Pharmacies in Piedmont. Consultant of the "Council of Architecture, Urban Planning and Environment (C.A.U.A.)" assisting professionals and municipalities in technical-economical feasibility studies and design for  buildings renovation. Coordinator of "Project for Recovery and Valorisation of the Lower Village of Masserano", participatory planning with citizens. Author of the book  "Borgo Inferiore di Masserano. Itinerary to discover past and present" She works for residential and touristic accommodation, interior design, sports complexes, public spaces, restaurants, museums, exhibitions, social-housing, environmental design and gardens, developing a multidisciplinary experience that represents one of its strengths. Most representative projects: "Redevelopment of jhistoric mine buildings complex" in Traversella; Renovation of Borgata Mancin in Cantalupa to create a residential and tourist accommodation; Project of a 60-beds country hotel village and farm in Scansano (Tuscany) according to bio-architecture principles. Qualification as “CasaClima” Junior Expert and Biosafe Technician for qualification of buildings environmental healthiness, authorized to issue Fire Prevention Certificates Passionate about travel and cultures and environmental issues, worked for international cooperation in Brazil and Laos to identify and design eco-sustainable "zero emissions" products that represents local traditions and promote manual skills and local materials (silk, bamboo, paper) Author of several academic and technical publications concerning museography, historical shops, restructuring, interior design Winner of national and international competitions, lately for restructuring the Turin Press Club "Clubhoise Sporting" Since 1996 she experimented "Recycling and Reuse"  fashion design, creating "wearable sculptures" in materials from waste. Her collections were shown in exhibitions abroad.

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