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Kindergarten of five sections to Collegno


Kindergarten of five sections to Collegno

Executive project and works management for the realization of the Kindergarten in Collegno (Province of Turin). The work consists of a building consisting of five school sections, rooms used as offices, service and support located on the ground floor, technical rooms in the basement. Traditional CAO structure with glulam roof, masonry infill in an empty case with external splitted blocks and internal alveolater brick walls. The design choice of the building was to create a central area for the so-called free activities on which the classrooms, toilets and changing rooms gravitate to form radial, in order to incorporate the indications of the regulations, which highlight the principles for which the space of the classroom must be complementary to the entire space of the school, as it exhausts only part of the school and parascular activities and therefore the classroom can not be a basic element to be repeated in series along a corridor of disengagement , but must integrate spatially with the other environments, either directly, or through other spaces for distribution and also must have a shape that is possibly different from the parallelepiped. The classrooms overlook the outdoor areas and the green areas, both to allow access to these spaces and to allow the exercise of observation and direct experimentation in contact with nature, all through large windows, if the activities are carried out in the classroom. Formation of external cladding in masonry with an empty casing formed by an external facing in splitted blocks, roughened towards the internal face and by an internal face in thermo-acoustic honeycomb and insulating plaster blocks, with a thickness and characteristics such as to guarantee suitable thermal insulation and acoustic. Formation of the covering layer, consisting of a panel formed by a layer of mineralized wood fibers, covered in reinforced concrete, with fire resistance and coated in the intrados by a plasterboard sheet, then inserting an anti-condensation sheath, of spacer strips , and covering in curved brick tiles. Formation of domed roofs on spaces for free activities, with a lamellar wood structure consisting of full cross beams, all covered by a structure made of aluminum profiles, forming a pyramid with angles with variable inclination, and buffered, in part with glass-chamber panels and partly with blind panels. Formation of fine porcelain stoneware ceramic floor tiles of the anti-slip type, with geometric designs. Provision and installation of external thermal break windows in aluminum alloy painted with thermosetting powders based on colored polyester resins and with glass-like thermo-acoustic insulating glazing in inward glass with anti-shattered stratified glass and outwards with glass stratified. Surfaces of the classrooms mq. 384,10, space for free activities mq. 192,03, spaces for changing rooms and services mq. 183,05, for the kitchen and storage mq.52,63, for offices and services mq. 150,84 for a total of mq.962,65 surfaces. Land area mq.4.195.

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  • Dr. Simone Giaj Pron

    Progetto di architettura organica. Composizione di geometrie elementari che si trasformano in nuove geometrie e nuovi equilibri. spazi delle aule che si affacciano ad una sorta di piazza coperta, luogo di aggregazione sociale

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