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A Liberty house’s transformation from semi- to single family detached house through the removal of a stair and internal links’ project.

On the historical Viale Bauchiero in Condove, Valle di Susa, rises a bifamiliar liberty house realized at the beginning of ‘900. The building consists of two above ground floors and a basement. Current-ly on the ground floor there is the first real estate unit while on the first floor there is the second one, reachable from the outside thanks to a staircase.
The project forecasts the realization of a single real estate and the removal of the existing staircase that links outside the two units. It is prospected the creation of an internal staircase that links the two floors; it will have a steel frame, wood coating and foundation structure built on the cellars .The flight that leads to the cellars will be maintained and protected from weathering through a pre-oxidised steel shelter. Indoor is expected the redefinition of the spaces suggesting the living area on the ground floor and the sleeping area on the first floor. It is planned the removal of some partitions to allow the creation of a single living area on the ground floor and three spaces used as bedrooms on the first floor.

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Roberta Chiabaudo

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We are a coworking of architects specialized in energy efficiency and sustainability. We produce low energy consumption buildings and ClimaHouse certified redevelopments. Our focus deals with the ability to give an identity, a soul to the project. We look for a contemporary architecture that compares itself with the territory enhancing the peculiarities. We study the constructive typologies of each place, we examine characteristics, volumes, materials, colours and technologies: we are guided towards the creation of a new project that can reinterpret in a modern way any ancestor element of that place. We look for a simple open compositional language, we sift preliminary ideas to be able to focus the project on a dominant concept that becomes the lead for the whole creative process.
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