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Mapfre Assistance & Mapfre Warranty, Italy Headquarters (2014-2017)


Mapfre Assistance & Mapfre Warranty, Italy Headquarters (2014-2017)

Expansion and renovation of the Mapfre existing building. New layout now occupies 2.700 sq.m. among offices and additional spaces

MAPFRE s.a. group is a Spanish international company operating in the insurance market in 47 countries, with 36,000 employees. It’s the first insurance company in the Spanish market and the first non-life insurance company in Latin America.
The Italian MAPFRE Headquarter is located inside a commercial-directional compound near the town of Biella and the highway connecting Milan to Turin. In 2013 it occupied 800 square meters with 170 employees. Due to the progressive expansion of the group, the renovation and enlargement was focused to triple the space in order to host more than 300 employees.
The H24 operations center, true heart of the company, has been strengthened, as well as administrative, commercial and technical offices, with an increase in the number of meeting rooms, the creation of a wide reception area at the entrance and an exclusive directional area on the top floor. In addition, the offices building has been connected to a rear shed behind that – thanks to a complete transformation – now enables the necessary space for additional functions: lunchroom, relax area, technical spaces, CED and UPS rooms, general archive and warehouse, including a forthcoming free area that will welcome the future expansion of the activity.
Renewed offices have been completely revised also from the point of view of the plant: a new lighting design, a data system adapted to new needs, a security system and access control of the latest generation, fire detection and gas shutdown systems for CED rooms. Furthermore a direct expansion system for heating, the cooling summer and room air treatment has been added as well. The engaged power of 150 kW drives the client to realize soon a photovoltaic system for direct consumption.
For this intervention, Architect Andrea Milano was the designer, construction site manager, energy consultant and project team coordinator.

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