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Megadyne executive offices

The project is based on the contrasts between elegance and austerity, tradition and technology. The result is an elegant design.

Once you cross the threshold of the lift there is a small waiting room from which you can see the long corridor that connects the various functional areas of the plan.
The waiting room is configured like an alcove, bordered on three sides by black walls, half in super mirror steel, half in dark Valchromat: on walls there is a long wooden shelf that sometimes becomes a bench lighted by spotlights. Light materials on floor and ceiling color-balance the scene.
The corridor, from which the meeting rooms and offices have access, is designed asymmetrically: the executive offices and meeting rooms stand in a wall covered with american walnut where hyperbolic cuts in transparent glass show the austere and calibrated workspaces’ interior. In turn, the transparent glass walls are interrupted by the entrance gates as rigid and over hanging volumes in dark Valchromat.
On the other side a linear wall contrasts with the elegance of the curves and the wood and follows the path: it presents regular and squared niches lighted by LEDs, referring to the technological vocation of the company.
Within the workspace the white dominates and contrasts with the darker tones of the corridor.
Among the elements that emphasize the contrasts emerges the design of the light: the entrances to meeting rooms are highlighted by spotlights recessed in jutting volumes together with technical spotlights that run along the corridor. On the opposite wall lights designed by Fabio Fantolino, create a calibrate atmosphere and mark the presence of pillows and relax areas.
References to the ’50s run along the entire project: from Phanto armchair to the tables of the meeting rooms, designed by Fabio Fantolino where a rigid plank fenix is supported by a soft and stylized wooden leg.
The result is a warm and refined atmosphere, full of well balanced contrasts that demonstrates a great creativity in the fusion of function and elegance, technology and tradition, present and future, minimalism and decoration, static and dynamic.

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Fabio Fantolino


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