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A new lifestyle

The project aims to make the work and public spaces of a bank as natural and relaxing as possible…
Ethics and transparency are concepts that must be part of a bank and our renovation demonstrates this.
We have used natural materials in natural colors,  to create healthy and ecological environments both for users and for those who work there. The natural elements like the tree trunks, contribute to the well-being of the users: thinking of working surrounded by natural elements is certainly positive for our body and our mood.
Those who work in this place, must be calm and think they are in a natural and luminous environment, whoever enters to perform reserved operations, will have to feel welcomed, and not have to be intimidated as in an office, but in a more natural and transparent environment.
A bank must be absolutely transparent and ethical, we need to know how our smoney is invested and in what. Many banks provide themselves with an ethical charter or manifesto, so users can know and are aware of what the bank does and how, this is very important.
Being close to nature is basic for human health,
Returning to dimensions closer to Nature is the fundamental objective that we propose whenever we asked us to design.
The existing building structure, that full of pillars in reiforced concrete, they made us think to a forest… a forest of trees, animals and light. A light and bright forest, with glasses everywhere and drawings of leaves on the office windows.
Transparency is the second design concept, that we wanted to communicate, to demonstrate what we said before.
We think that the experiment was successful and the client was satisfied like users.
We tried to do all this and we are proud of it… and our dog too!

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  • Doparchitetti

    We are an association of architects that thinks globally and acts locally, designing using the head and the heart,  spaces and object for women, children, men and quadrupeds, to improve their quality of life and reduce their impact on our mother earth. "Building, means working with earth, with awareness and responsability..." Marguerite Yourcenar, Memorie di Adriano, Einaudi, 1981, pp. 120-121, 276.

  • Francesca Grilli
  • Roberta Rinaldi
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