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New Multifunctional Centre for Management of Vauda Park


New Multifunctional Centre for Management of Vauda Park

The project consists of an adaptation of a public building to the modern demands of Parco della Vauda Institution for creating an environment

The project consists of the adaptation of a public building to the modern needs of the Vauda Park. Establishment for the creation of an ecological complex of 600 sqm organized on two floors with the same surface.
At the ground floor of the building there is an open space entrance which allows access to an exhibition area, offices and toilet blocks. The entrance also connects to the stairs block, to the conference room and library located on the first floor.
The goal of the recovery project is to insert itself within a rural context, maintaining an autonomous architectural language without fake traditional stylistic references, but at the same time integrating itself with a harmonious composition of volumes. Therefore, all the false and incongruous elements of the original building have been eliminated, leading a correct full-empty ratio of the main façade. It was then proceeded to shorten the main volume to better fit it into the net of the small-town center. These interventions have been aimed at balancing the composition of the volumes of the buildings involved.
Two architectural elements characterize the main facades behaving like two lanterns. These two cantilevered windows create a contact between inside and outside connecting the users to passers-by.
By the environmental point of view, energy cooling system, advanced ventilation technologies, shading system and an Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) allow the building to achieve a high energy class.
To improve a complete integration between the building and the context, an intervention on the closer municipal warehouse was also carried out, covering it with corten steel panels. Regarding this issue, the painting materials and colors choice follow an accurate analysis of local examples to recall the traditional colors of the context.

Activities performed:
• Schematic design, detailed design and supervision
Quantity of works: € 400.080,00
About. contract value: € 70,000.00•

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  • STEGET srl

    MASSIMO LOVERA is an architect with 20 years of experience in architectural and landscape design and supervision of public and private works. He has been performing consulting services in many projects focused on urban design, recreational areas, traditional buildings (XVIIIth and XIXth centuries) restorations, and landscaping. He has successfully participated as restoration expert in many projects in Italy, Georgia, Mauritius, Nigeria and Turkey, gaining also experience in IBRD procedures and international standards. Since 2000 he has been a partner of STEGET s.r.l. engineering company, holding the position of technical director of architecture unit. Since 2014 he has been performing design review and supervision as architect with specific experience in restoration within STEGET consulting service for works implementation in Georgia. Since 2006 he has been responsible for design international competition unit in STEGET s.r.l. With this assignment, he has been delivering multi-disciplinary projects acting with a team of experts carrying to win several international competitions. PATRIZIA GIACOMELLI is an architect with 22 years of experience in architectural design and supervision of works under the preservation of the local cultural heritage agencies. She has been performing technical services for more than 20 Italian Municipalities developing specific experience in cultural assets management. She has been involved in some important local development programs team leading, and technical management with the European Community funds, acting on projects focused on conservation and enhancement of local architecture able to develop new sustainable economies. She has successfully participated as team leader in many rehabilitation projects, always with the specific intention of local resource enhancing in terms of sustainable development. Since 2012 she has also been performing design review and supervision of Georgian cultural heritage assets under the preservation of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage, within STEGET consulting service for works implementation in Georgia.

  • Massimo Lovera
  • Patrizia Giacomelli
  • Massimiliano Cortassa

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