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New residential child care center


New residential child care center

Building for the reception of families of children undergoing treatment at the health facilities of the city of Turin

The project was born from the need of the Property to build a building to be used for the reception of families of children undergoing treatment at the city’s health facilities.
One of the main objectives of the project is to provide a welcoming environment and bright spaces surrounded by greenery as much as possible in order to offer a “hug” to families and especially to children. Glass was therefore favoured; used both in the facades and in the balustrades of the balconies in order to allow the greatest passage of light.
Particular attention has been given to green areas both private and for sale to the city. The overall arrangement of the intervention area (public garden and private intervention), will give the City and the District a new permeable space, welcoming and sharing with social and architectural value.
The building will be functionally divided
– Basement: where there are about 40 parking spaces and the various technical rooms (geothermal room, fire fighting room, swimming pool and AHU room, rainwater recovery tank room)
– Ground floor: where the functional spaces for the reception activity are located (entrance, reception, reception office, swimming pool, changing rooms and services, relaxation/coffee area);
– First floor: where the centre’s medical and service activities are planned (gym, medical / physiotherapy rooms, changing rooms, administrative offices and meeting room);
– Second / third / fourth / fifth / sixth / seventh floors: apartments are provided for the reception of families;
– Eighth floor: flat roof used for the installation of photovoltaic panels.
All the apartments provided in the centre have a kitchen or kitchenette in the living room with oven and electric hob and have at least one bathroom and bedrooms with spaces accessible to disabled people.

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  • Arch. Daniela Brusaschetto

    Daniela Brusaschetto ha acquisito una competenza tecnica nella progettazione architettonica (dalla fase di concept fino alla fase costruttiva) e nel project management di interventi complessi in ambito industriale, residenziale e sportivo. E' abituata a gestire tutti gli aspetti della progettazione e del cantiere in modo da garantire il rispetto della qualità, dei tempi, dei costi e sopratutto la soddisfazione delle esigenze dei clienti. Negli ultimi quattro anni ha maturato esperienza con la metodologia BIM, in modo da ottimizzare la gestione di tutte le informazioni e di tutti i dati legati al processo costruttivo e limitare i rischi di errore ed interferenza tra le varie discipline.

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