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Notary office in Turin


Notary office in Turin

Modular office furniture system and light fixtures for a notary office.

In this notary office the design concept developed a modular office furniture system that can be moved elsewhere modified and implemented offering unlimited flexibility.
Through a range of elements the system permits several compositions to satisfy all possibile office needs from individual (executive) desks to reception desk, consolles, shelf units and light fixtures distinguished by its high quality materials and carefully crafted details that was not possible to satisfy with series production.
This has generated an engineering design study, like a series production.
The system’s starting point is a tubolar steel frame, made with serial steel profiles and customized supports too.

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  • Studio KHA

    KHA,  head architect of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III, relives in Turin for over a century, along with his wife Merit, in a beautiful Hall of the Egyptian Museum. Our name is inspired by the great architect, who wanted with him his measuring instruments, trasmitting us the same passion he had for his work. KHA office, with its three senior partners Alberto Pozzallo, Claudio Spagnotto e Stefano Vellano and their contributors, joins skills that cross contemporary architecture and design, with deep roots in Turin tradition. The concept is always aimed at designing an architectural objects, considering it in its larger context. The big expertise of the team follows the project from conception to completion. through the use of workers and artisans gradually tested and selected. Each project represents a unique challenge, whose results is achieved through careful listening to the needs and intensive dialogues with the customer. The projects carried out and made in recent years, concern public spaces, museums, commercial and residential, with partecipation in various national and international competitions. The team experience in the field of museum exhibition and interior design is expecially significant. Turin's most representative accomplishments are  the “Museo di Arti Applicate Oggi -  MIAAO” at the Oratory of San Filippo Neri church, the exhibition “Il Futuro nelle mani. Artieri domani”, at the Officine Grandi Riparazioni - OGR, ELPE company's new offices, Pozzoli company's showroom and many private homes.

  • Alberto Pozzallo
  • Stefano Vellano
  • Luca Filippa

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