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Nuvola: new 2018 Lavazza Headquarter in Turin


Nuvola: new 2018 Lavazza Headquarter in Turin

The project is about the Corporate Interiors, Furnishings Layouts and Enabling Technologies for the new 2018 Lavazza Headquarter in Turin

The project follows the Corporate Guidelines developed by GTP for Lavazza back in 2009, with the aim of embracing and meeting the challenges of the Brand “new culture”, to live and work well.
In the new headquarter, whose building is designed by Cino Zucchi Architetti, the idea is to develop “new environments” which promote a better psychological, physical and digital wellbeing among “knowledge workers”.
New interiors, spaces and furnishings have been developed to give shape to the new Lavazza “Vision and Culture” of its working spaces, strongly oriented towards eliminating and containing barriers and promoting collaboration, transparency, interaction, socializing, diversity, dynamism, mobility, cultural change, creativity and individual needs.
For the new Nuvola Corporate Interiors GTP ultimate goal is to ensure a better balance and sustainability of private and professional life, as well as aspiring to and achieving a more sustainable and efficient use and management of the created and used squared meters, in terms of costs, consumptions and organisational adaptability over time.
GTP has supported Lavazza, using also co-design and design thinking methodologies, to design what we like to call an up-to-date, sustainable and tailored “Advanced Open Space”, also known as Activity-Based-Working space.
No more cellular environments, repetitive rows of desks, but rather open spaces with clear identity in terms of functions. Private and silent areas, or public and interactive ones to work together, with guests and visitors; specific and diversified work areas for various concentration-team-sharing activities, all fitted with sound partitions and enablers technologies; open support areas for informal and short meetings, more private and protected ones for formal physical or virtual meetings.
GTP goals has also included areas where people can socialize, such as public spaces for breaks, social areas with free water dispensers (available also in all private meeting areas), corners with sofas – again with screens and technologies to recharge personal devices – as well as reserved areas to make private calls and common locker rooms to leave their personal belongings.
The building technological integration has also focused on and includes furnishings and work equipment: unique and individual badges rfid/nfc give access to employees and visitors to the building, its departments, closed rooms and meetings, cabinets, lockers, as well as to info points, printers and coffee machines.
They also allow to identify and reserve through infopoint or app, meeting areas, cafes and restaurants and all the additional common services that are useful and necessary for employees and collaborators.
These attentions to technology and sustainability allowed Lavazza-Nuvola to obtain the Platinum level of the LEED certification, the highest.
GTP architects therefore feel that, with the new Nuvola “Corporate Interiors”, Lavazza has launched a strongly effective, efficient, current process, which, over time, will certainly show how it can meet the shared goals of respect and sustainability, with the main goal of ensuring a new and improved psychological, physical, digital “wellbeing” of all the resources that will inhabit and visit the new offices.

“GTP design for a new phygital wellbeing oriented to live, work, play better”

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Credits by Andrea Martiradonna
3D photos by gtp | gruppo tema progetti

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  • Simonetta Viano
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  • Silvia Salati
  • Augusta Trussoni

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