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O’biz Tower lobby


O’biz Tower lobby

The complexity of simplicity: the challenge is to return an identity space where people pass through without stopping a long time.

The lobby of a multistorey office building is a place that people cross every day to go somewhere else. It is often a stage of a journey or a place for an encounter, but rarely a final destination. For these reasons, a lobby is a space with a very pragmatic identity: a uniform background witnessing the daily stream of business. The project for the O’biz Tower Lobby challenges all these ideas: it aims to create a space full of identity using a highly visible and recognizable pattern. It is a Seventies’ Show set design or a striped renaissance Cathedral, a shot of color on a grey concrete canvas.

The lobby is more than 11 meters high, so we decided to lighten up the construction of the higher areas, without compromising the pattern composition. The project was realized alternating two different kind of stone, green oriental marble and gray granite, for the floor and the lower parts of the two pillars; while for the ceilings we used laser cut punched metal panels in two colors and different patterns. All the lighting apparatus is with led technology. It all comes down to a 60×60 cm construction grid, which makes all the project completely modular and eventually adaptable to different locations.

To enhance the graphic features of the project, we used a striped tridimensional pattern that goes well beyond the limits imposed by the interior space.
The pattern starts on the pavement of the public plaza around the building, and it leads the users towards the main reception area. The stripes work as a filter: they collect the visitors from outside and redirect them towards their final destination within the building.
The lobby becomes a landmark, a geometric progression, where a simple design feature is used to organize all the elements of the space: floor, walls, ceilings but also furniture and lighting.
Diverse but uniform.

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Suppliers & Materials

RC Build for Life (Construction Company – builder)
GaGun Stone (Stones Company)
Bowon metal Co.  (Metal Company)
Glux  (Lightings and Electric Company)

Floor and wall Materials:
(inside) grey Granite (600 x 600 mm.) rough finishing
(inside) green Oriental Marble(600 x 600 mm.) glossy finishing
(outside) concrete Blocks (200 x 200 mm.) dark grey and light grey

Ceiling Lighting apparatus:
led panels module (600 x 600 mm.) opaline white colour
led Integrated square spots

painted punched metal module (600 x 600 mm.) dark green glossy finishing painted and light grey matt finishing painted
whiteboard panels
painted perimetric bended metal

Pendants light apparatus:
cylinder led light (h 2000 x 120 diam.) opaline white colour

painted punched metal dark green glossy finishing painted and light grey matt finishing painted
MDF and plywood light grey matt finishing colour lacquered painted

stainless steel brush finishing
tempered glasses extra white

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