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Oil&Gas Industrial Site Expansion Project – Site Safety Coordination


Oil&Gas Industrial Site Expansion Project – Site Safety Coordination

Works for the enlargement of industrial warehouses through new structures and plants to support a growing production

The construction site is located inside the headquarter of a company leader in the production of special waxes in Europe. The company was founded in 1988, with the mission of using waxes as a vehicle for innovation, to improve the efficiency ofany industrial process in which they are involved.
Today they rely on the most advanced technology to provide tailor-made solutions for every type of application: waxes and additives for the cosmetic sector, the food industry (chewing gum, cheese and food packaging), the rubber industry, wood and tire industry, the automotive sector, the agriculture sector (grafts, pesticides and fertilizers) and any kind of product involving the use of wax as raw material or additive within its production process.
This construction site is actually made up of many smaller construction sites that are used to add functional parts to the processing and production growth, including dynamic fluid, electrical and mechanical engineering systems. In this case the workers safety is very important due to the handling of large portions of structures, materials and machinery.

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Key Partners/Associates

Gruppo Torinoprogetti

  • Massimo Giuntoli


  • Gruppo Torinoprogetti Soc. Ing. Srl

    Gruppo Torinoprogetti is an engineering company specialized in the workplace health and safety field, construction sites safety and training. Its team is composed of experienced and qualified professionals and offers specific solutions to the needs of every small, medium and large company. The headquarters, modern, technological and easily accessible, offers ample space, two training rooms equipped for frontal training, a room for e-Learning training, an outdoor area used for practical courses for users of scaffolding, cranes, forklifts and lifting platforms, a specific gas-powered tank for fire courses and an independent medical examination facility. A real " Laboratorio della Sicurezza ", characterized by an innovative center for the development of technical, engineering and architectural services, and by a quality training center that makes use of the continuous comparison with experienced professionals.

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