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Palazzo della Luce. Living Supreme in the centre of Turin.

Peter Jaeger revamps neoclassical heritage with new penthouses and rooftop gardens

The Palazzo della Luce is an adaptive re-use example setting, 21.000 sqm inner city revitalization development in the heart of Turin’s Roman quarter. A listed, neo-baroque landmark was redesigned to feature state of the art offices, urban function facilities as well as a pioneering residential concept, in which well-equipped urban villas, vertical townhouses and ample lofts are each displaying generous rooftop gardens.
Originally designed in 1915 as the headquarter of a bank, the Palazzo Della Luce possess an inherent prestige. This lavish splendour is present in the facade with its ornaments and sculptures, in the elegant entrance, the grand stairways and in the fine materials used.
The overall goal of the project development was to implement the contemporary understanding of inner city urbanity, in which working, living and social life are intertwined with cultural heritage, while achieving an above par return. Concurrently modern architectonical designs in all usage areas paired with the latest available energy efficiency technology were to be employed to achieve both attractiveness and long-term sustainability.
A review of the statics allowed that the interior cubage was transformed into modern requirements of usability and efficiency and wherever suitable further usable area was added. This way the commonly rigid structures of heritage buildings were overcome and a multitude of layouts and custom designs were made possible. Further key achievements were the creation of 50 parking bays over two sub terrain levels and the increase of usable area through galleries (800 sqm) and roof gardens (1.600 sqm). True to best practice adaptive re-use principles, the project establishes a clear distinction between original and new works: the existing shapes, heights and pitched traditional stone roofs were maintained while the new parts were realized in contemporary materials such as steel, wood and glass.
The residential units are situated on the upper floors and provide unobstructed views over the city. Twelve premium apartments in different typologies – each with their own private roof garden – were realized: lofts with same-floor courtyard garden areas, vertical townhouses with classical roof gardens and urban villas with generous multi-level outside spaces. Here too, contemporary minimal details, geometric layouts and room heights of 5,50 meter permitted custom tailored duplex solutions and thus created some of Turin’s finest, most premium apartments.
The advantages of roof greening, such as additional insulation in heat and cold, natural water retention, effective sound dampening, are combined with bioclimatic “greenhouse” structures on the roofs that can automatically be opened to be atriums. These structures constitute an architectonical highlight and increase the quality of life for inhabitants.

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Credits by Fabio Oggero

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Key Partners/Associates

Peter Jaeger [Peter Jaeger Architects]

  • Primary Architect [nome studio]
  • tiwutwtup
  • opurqruq

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