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Piazza Carignano Interior

Luxury Apartment in Turin

The client, who had lived for more than 20 years in a cosmopolitan and highly technological city, wanted a technologically performing house, which however retained its historic charm.
Moreover, being a family unit made up of the 2 adults, 3 daughters and 1 tata, each space had to be subdivided in the best way to satisfy all the needs of the family.
The design concept of the studio Fragomeli & Partners is developed by dividing the 4 large rooms turned into well-defined living areas, connected by a central hub, the entrance and the corridor.
The element of innovation does not only concern the technology used, but also the construction method of the mezzanines, made entirely of steel, without the aid of pillars.

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Credits by Barbara Corsico

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Fabrizio Fragomeli was born in Turin on December 28th 1979. In 2004 he graduated in architecture with a thesis entitled "Theater on Water in Saint Tropez". He immediately started working on projects, initially in collaboration with Professor Giacomo Donato (supervisor of his thesis) since 2008, planning and building villas and apartments throughout the national territory, in Switzerland and in France.

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