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Ropeway of 10 places for ski station

The new ropeway of Prato Nevoso will be not only a technological system but also a construction for the environmental improvement of the area. The machines will, in fact, be hidden by a building made of wood and stone inspired by the traditional architecture of the place. It will also be a place for a panoramic view of the valley. It will also be the tourist attraction of the area
The new ropeway will be used all year round, both in the winter season for skiers and in the summer for pedestrians and cyclists, It will have a reach of 3000 persons for hours.

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The new Ropeway of Prato Nevoso gondola lift will be one of the most important in Italy. Numerous national newspapers have dedicated articles to it. The following is the one that appeared in LA STAMPA dated 11 June 2019 entitled A Prato Nevoso is the new Porsche gondola: it can transport 1,800 people per hour.

It is the record lift. A plant of the future, the panoramic Rossa-Caudano-Alpet, the first of its kind in Piedmont for scope and design, which is about to become a reality in the mountains of Cuneo, in Prato Nevoso. It bears the signature of the “Porsche studio design”, a subsidiary of the renowned German car manufacturer. Engineers and technicians coming from Switzerland will make it: to do so, they will dismantle the old and historic Rosso plant.

The Porsche ropeway numbers: each cabin will have 10 seats, also suitable for the disabled. Two stations will be built: one starting at 1549 meters, the other arriving at just under two thousand meters. The journey -1.5 km of track – will last just over 4 minutes.

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