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Private house in Turin

Renovation project and interior design

This project carried on the extensive renovation of an apartment situated on the top floor of a mid 19th century building located in a semi central Turin area.
The refurbishment involved the study of a completely new layout in spite of the previous floor plan configuration where each space responded to a singular activity; the design introduced the concept to redistribute functions in a more fluid space responding to client’s needs of having the house core consisting in a bright daytime living space to share with the family.
This place is to be lived together whilst doing different functions like relaxing, studying, playing music, dining, cooking… and encourages interaction.
The light comes in through large windows on the main facade that connects the inner living space with the outer space obtained with a new large balcony added to the existing building, a wooden deck overlooking the mountains that gives the chance to spend time in the open air.
Timber and concrete are the dominant materials used both for floors and fitted furniture designed to make a more functional use of spaces while the charcol gray paint on walls gets warmed by the flood of natural light and the oak floor.
A large red built in library and some other pieces of red furniture introduce a bright primary color in the house and serve as the counterpoint to the grey walls and natural materials.

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Key Partners/Associates

Studio KHA

    • Alberto Pozzallo
    • Laura Garavoglia
    • Luca Filippa
    • Giulia Alessia Bonanate

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