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Private Villa in Jeddah


Private Villa in Jeddah

Private Villa for a family, for daily life and offcial parties and social events.

The project consists in 4.600 sqm of built-up area, in a land of 7.200 sqm.
It is a private Villa for a family composed by the Parents and 3 children.
The project is developed mainly as one floor villa and only in the Bedroom area we have two floors.
The intention was to design a Villa with the private area very close, for the family life, with the Master Bedroom in the ground floor, accessible trough a library with a tatami sitting and television space in one private wing of the Ground Floor, and public areas with salons and official dining, very open one to the other and well connected with giant sliding doors, high ceilings ready to host big parties, reception and events.
The three Children bedrooms and a big multipurpose playroom are located at the first Floor.
All the important rooms are open form both parts to the garden areas to receive sun light all day long.
The roof, done in ferrocement, looks like broken in the middle, to allow location of roof windows facing all different direction in all public rooms, in the way light can enter in all spaces from different directions changing in each space atmospheres all the day long.
All the house is open to the garden view with continuous glass wall in facing North.
All the internal spaces are during all the day full of light still preventing to receive direct sun’s rays.
The garden is enjoyable from all the rooms, as natural extension of the internal spaces and thanking the big swimming pool in the shape of a lake, fantastic space for parties, dinners and events.

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